BellaGel promises a natural feel and excellent safety.
Safety Technology
  • BellaShield™, which is a barrier layer, consists of five5 layers to prevent gel bleeding.
  • High-strength outer skin designof the outer shell protects an implant from deforming and rupturing.
  • It is MFDS-approved medical equipmentdevice.
  • The Cclinical tests demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of BellaGel SmoothFine for breast reconstruction and enlargement.augmentation.
    (Clinical tests supervised by Samsung Seoul Hospital and National University Hospital in Bundang. / *the results of a 4-year-long follow-up of clinical tests: 0% rupture)
*Ref. Chan-Yeong Heo, Sa Ik Bang et al. BellaGel breast implant : 4-year results of a prospective cohort study. Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery; 2019
Quality Control
  • The product is manufactured by production process and quality control in compliance with the international guidelines (ISO 14607/ASTM F703/FDA GUIDANCE)
  • Manufactured in Hans Biomed Co. Ltd. that is equipped with the which holds the largest tissue engineering research lab in Korea
  • On the product, more than 20 mechanical test conducted on the products for quality assurance.
Warranty Program
  • For a procedure, we issue a warranty card that certifies that the product is authentic. that ensures the product is genuine.
  • With the warranty card, it is possible to track surgery records and information.Warranty card allows tracking of the product as well as surgery records and associated information.
  • In case an implant ruptures or capsular contracture (the 3rd or 4th stage) occurs, it will be replaced for free.
  • Lifetime guarantee